Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting plays an important role in trenchless sewer repair, helping with both the diagnostics and the repair process. Without this powerful, in-pipe cleaning system, many trenchless solutions wouldn’t be possible


What Is Hydro Jetting And Is It Right For Me?

Hydro jetting is the most commonly used form of pressurized drain cleaning system - so common, in fact, that it’s almost synonymous with the service. This innovative tool has a unique, multi-directional nozzle that jets water in a complete sphere at forces over 4000 pounds per square inch. The nozzle is attached to a long water hose, which allows cleaning well below the surface in most home and commercial applications. 


Hydro jetting offers many of the advantages seen in all pressurized drain cleaning systems, but at a higher degree. For example, hydro jetting scours off years of thick mineral and waste buildup in minutes, restoring the walls of the pipe to pristine condition. There is no leftover grease, insect larvae, or stuck-on waste particles to begin the pipe buildup process anew. Pipes cleaned with hydro jetting typically stay clean longer and work better in the meanwhile, for sewer flow that’s like that in a new system.


Clog removal is another area where hydro jetting excels. The system’s nozzle includes forward-and rear facing jets that pulverize clogs in seconds, for fast and complete removal of the obstruction. There are no large leftover fragments that travel further down the pipe and jam again. Instead, only tiny particles remain that rinse into the sewer main with the water, and the obstruction is completely gone

Unexpected Benefits Of Hydro Jetting

The most common one is an improved sewer flow in older homes and business structures. With the pipes instantly returned to a like-new condition, sewage and waste flow out rapidly and cleanly. You no longer have to wait minutes while your sink drains or your tub empties, leaving a messy residue that you’ll have to clean afterward. Instead, the particles rinse away in the quick-moving water, for less clean up and more free time.


Hydro jetting also reduces the occurrences of drain clogs altogether. As mineral buildup and waste accumulate on the sides of the pipes, it takes less and less material to stick in the narrowed pipe. Often, the inexorable buildup of hard water scale leads to almost daily toilet clogs and sink backups. 

Regular drain cleaning also reveals hidden problems lurking in your sewer system by cleaning away the debris that covers the early warning signs. Pipes don’t just collapse suddenly; they decay slowly over time, and that process reveals itself with micro-fissures, thinning areas, pipe dust, and spider web cracks. When spotted early, problems such as these can be easily repaired with pipe lining and sealing, preventing further damage. Drain cleaning exposes the pipe surface so problems can be identified while there’s still time to fix them.

Here is a Video of a Hydro Jetter