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Pipe Descaling


Over time, debris and wastewater can form a hardened coating known in the plumbing industry as “scale”. Without prompt and professional response, the formation of scale can impede the flow of water to and from your home or business, as well as prevent your sewage-producing appliances from draining properly.

What Is Pipe Descaling?

FlexShaft® Machines quickly and efficiently deliver wall-to-wall clean in 1 ¼" to 6" residential and commercial pipes up to 125'. These machines utilize powerful chain knockers that expand to the size of the pipe to quickly clear the entire circumference.  The machines work in conjunction with a full suite of accessories designed for clearing scale, grease, sludge, tree roots and soft blockages. 

Impacts Of Scale Within Your Pipes

Without pipe descaling, your home or business could be seriously and adversely impacted. Perhaps most importantly, the flow of water to and from your faucets and drains will be impeded, leading to pooling water and backups. In addition, the corrosive nature of the scales will damage the longevity of your plumbing systems and their constituent pipes. Overall, the presence of scale in your commercial or residential plumbing system will provide an adverse impact to your customers or your family. If you believe that your home or business requires professional pipe descaling, don’t delay.

Specialized Pipe Descaling 

Each facet of our descaling service is designed to ensure maximum efficacy for minimal expenditure. Our technicians understand that dealing with these issues is complex, and will help ensure your accessibility and understanding of our services. Depending on the nature and configuration of your plumbing systems, the method to resolve pipe scale may vary. In most cases, the process involves the use of a boring head inserted into the problematic pipe directly. When you need pipe descaling, do not hesitate to call a professional.

Here is a Video of a pipe descaled

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