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During a video inspection, a specialist will use a specialized piece of equipment to carefully inspect your sewers. This equipment is a durable, waterproof camera and light attached to a long, flexible tube. Using this camera, the specialist examines every inch of the sewer line until the problem is found. Common sewer problems are clogs, breaks, and other issues that can prevent proper water flow.

This is a useful service because the more information you have before you begin to dig, the less work you’ll have to perform.

The benefits of sewer video inspection include:

  • No excavation needed: it’s a totally non-invasive technology.

  • Quick location of the problem(s).

  • The ability to check after repairs or replacement to see if everything’s in good working order.

  • Less inconvenience to the homeowner.

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Sewer video inspections are VERY important when buying real estate. Image buying a home and shortly after you learn of a cracked sewer line. This could cost anywhere from $3,000 - $15,000 to repair.

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